Art Hoath is the SVP of AMPS focused on Medical Cost Management and supporting employers on using innovative RBR solutions. He and has been a healthcare industry veteran bringing more than 25 years of experience to the AMPS team, most recently after serving as EVP at INETICO, LLC. Mr. Hoath was also EVP at Pay-Plus Solutions, Inc., which later became Zelis Payments.

Since very early in his career, he worked with TPAs, Brokers and Self-Funded Employers to identify best of breed partners/solutions. His experience includes: managing C suite relationships with Payors, Brokers, Employers, Insurance companies, TPAs, Hospital and National Clinical operations, leadership and management of Sales and Account Managers, consulting on best business practices, and managing M&A transitions.

Mr. Hoath is active with HCAA, SIIA and SPBA.