Innovation Series - Part 1

Watch Lawrence Thompson, CSO and CRO, from AMPS discuss modern strategies to reduce risk and expand transparency in the healthcare market.

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Diminishing risk, reducing healthcare spend, and empowering customers are just a few ways you can add more client value. Part One of our Innovation Series will provide an overview of two new solutions to enhance the services offered to your clients.

What You Will Learn:

  • Advantages of a custom Stop Loss  Program
  • How to  structure Stop Loss for Reference Based Pricing
  • Benefits of  the new AMPS Connect app
  • Insight and  transparent data available on AMPS Connect

About AMPS:

Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (AMPS) provides market leading healthcare cost containment services for self-funded employers, public entities, brokers, TPAs, and reinsurers. AMPS mission is to help clients attain their goals of reducing healthcare costs while keeping members satisfied with quality healthcare benefits. AMPS leverages 15 years of experience in auditing and pricing medical claims to deliver "fair for all" pricing both pre-care and post-care. AMPS offers innovative dashboards and analytics to provide clients with insights based on Plan performance. Learn more at