The Next Generation of

Stop Loss
industry-leading 15 years of experience

Highly Competitive Stop Loss Coverage Optimized for AMPS RBP Performance

Historically, Stop Loss insurance has been based on the assumptions from traditional network models, with little transparency.

Our Reinsurance Partners have worked with us to develop a new, optimized Stop Loss solution that is competitively priced and specifically tailored to AMPS RBP performance, experience, 15 years of accumulated data, and enhanced analytics.

This comprehensive Stop Loss placement reflects our detailed understanding of how Plans perform and accounts for the overall risk of the Plan. This coverage results in better fixed costs and provides the Employer the ability to lower the maximum risk for the Plan.

Reference Based Stop Loss Coverage

Seamlessly Integrates with RBP Plans

Dual Option Reference Based Pricing

Accommodates Dual Option Plan Coverage

Custom Plan Design with PEPM and GBC Pricing

Custom Plan Designs Based on Clients' Needs

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