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The  Care  Navigation  process  begins  with  finding  "Friendly"  Providers  in  the  Members’  local  market that are accepting of AMPS Reference Based Pricing. The AMPS Care Navigation Team is also able to steer Members to Providers that have directly contracted with AMPS to accept a fair price. For elective non-emergent procedures, the AMPS Care Navigation Team is able to schedule the Member with contracted Providers.

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AMPS Provider Finder and Pricing Tools are used by AMPS Care Navigation Team and utilization management partners to find a “friendly” Provider when needing medical care, based on cost, quality, location, and prior utilization.


AMPS Care Navigators help navigate Members to contracted Providers in AMPS “Direct-to-Plan” Programs.

This program includes Plan designs that offer savings for both the Plan and the Members when utilizing the AMPS direct contacted Providers for medical care.


AMPS Care Navigators facilitate access to Providers that are directly contracted to offer transparent, bundled pricing on planned elective medical procedures -- such as knee and hip replacements, MRI’s, and colonoscopies.

This program offers additional savings due to these procedures being performed at Ambulatory Surgery Centers, independent Imaging Facilities and GI Centers as opposed to a hospital.

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