Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company and Drexi Team Up to Deliver Better Access to Medications at Affordable and Sustainable Prices

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company and Drexi Team Up to Deliver Better Access to Medications at Affordable and Sustainable Prices

Sarah Roche

PHOENIX, Az. and DALLAS, Tx., August 15, 2023 – Drexi, a cutting-edge pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), and Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, PBC (Cost Plus Drugs), have teamed up to address one of the most pressing challenges in healthcare today: providing better access to the right drugs at affordable prices. This collaboration aims to provide employers and members even more transparent drug pricing in an industry which has been traditionally driven by hidden and unstainable costs.

“As a practicing physician I saw first-hand the danger of patients not taking their medications because they couldn't afford them,” said Alex Oshmyansky, CEO of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company. “I founded the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company to help solve this problem and provide a way for patients to receive their medication at an affordable price. We already offer transparent, low prices to cash-pay consumers and are excited to now be working with Drexi to further reduce the cost to patients, and to keep the patient record complete from both a clinical and financial perspective.”

Amidst the ongoing struggle of increasing drug costs that countless Americans face, companies like Drexi and Cost Plus Drugs are taking a proactive stance against this affordability crisis. Anthony Masotto, GM and EVP Pharmacy at Drexi, emphasized, “Our mission is to empower every one of our members to prioritize their health without the worry and undue burden of unaffordable medications.” Through a comprehensive and transparent approach, merged with the innovative and unmatched pricing of Cost Plus Drugs, Drexi is providing its self-funded plans with the ultimate savings opportunity. “The significance of adhering to the right medication at the right price goes beyond convenience – it’s a vital step in mitigating unexpected health complications and the associated financial strain it has on individuals and families across the country,” said Masotto.

For almost a decade, Drexi has been diligently crafting an advanced platform aimed at enhancing members’ ability to make well-informed choices regarding their prescription medications. Through the collaboration with Cost Plus Drugs, Drexi now provides members with an additional channel through which they can more effectively recognize cost savings opportunities and act on them: empowering them to take back control of their healthcare spending.

Looking to the future, it is evident that game-changing collaborations such as this play a vital role in reshaping the PBM landscape. By harnessing industry expertise, essential cost-saving resources, and a shared vision, Cost Plus Drugs and Drexi are leading the charge into a fresh era of proactive pharmacy consumerism, shaking up the traditional norms.

About Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, PBC (Cost Plus Drugs) aims to fundamentally change the way the pharmaceutical industry operates. As a public-benefit corporation, its social mission of improving public health is just as important as the bottom line. Cost Plus Drugs transparently charges a standard markup on every drug it sells. The online pharmacy launched in January 2022 now carries over 1,000 prescription products, delivered by mail to thousands of happy customers every day. Cost Plus Drugs is working with health plans, managed-care organizations, pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) and self-insured employers to bring these same savings to employer-sponsored benefit plans nationwide.

About Drexi

Drexi, a first-in-class, modern pharmacy benefit manager based in Phoenix, Arizona, was founded in 2013 to provide self-funded plans true savings when it comes to their pharmacy spend. With a mission to lower costs while ensuring members have access to necessary medications, Drexi has created a platform empowering members to be smarter consumers by driving competition to find the lowest net cost for their prescriptions which, generates both meaningful savings and optimal health outcomes. For more information on Drexi, visit

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