Scott Fuqua

Regional Vice President, Midwest

Scott Fuqua is a vice president of business development for AMPS. Scott is an award-winning professional who brings more than 25 years of leadership experience to AMPS with deep knowledge in cost management strategies and insurance for self-funded employers and employee benefits organizations. His objective is to assist self-funded employers with multi-faceted healthcare cost containment strategies for the Midwest region of the U.S. Scott previously co-founded DiaTri and Relevant Healthcare, two cost management organizations in the EE benefits space. He has also held leadership positions with Liberty Mutual, large payor organizations such as First Health, and multiple independent diagnostic testing facilities in the Las Vegas and Chicagoland markets. He is a member of the Self-Insurance Institute of America, the Health Care Administrators Association, and the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators. Scott graduated from the University of Illinois, Champaign with a bachelor’s degree in marketing/education and a master’s degree in business.

AMPS 2022 Sales Person of the Year