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The AMPS Portal offers on-demand visibility into Plan performance, with noteworthy metrics, easy-to-understand dashboards, messaging alerts, and tailored reports via secure email. This provides a real-time view into the Plan's savings and powers AMPS Intelligent Pricing and AMPS Care Navigation in the local market.


Analytics & Reporting

AMPS gives Brokers, Third Party Administrators, and Plans access to a 24/7 on-demand portal that allows the ability to monitor Member activity/communication and Plan performance. The AMPS Portal can be set up to send email notifications on certain events (eg. large claims, monthly reports), keeping all parties updated on noteworthy events.

Clients will also receive customized reporting packages that depict a detailed analysis of the Provider activity, pushback levels, claim type break down, and savings achieved. All reports are stored for easy access on the portal.

Notifications Delivered

AMPS Portal notifications can be delivered directly to specified individuals, with weekly, monthly and yearly reports via secure email.

High quality reports are generated in a format for easy conversion into custom visualizations and reporting systems.

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